Tuesday, July 12, 2011

San Fermin (pics)

Well turns out we are staying on the temperamental weather part of the coast so as soon as my tentmate and I headed down the hill to explore Zarautz, a big thunder storm blew in and drenched the both of us. Undeterred, we made it to town and strolled around the quiet streets but being siesta time things were mostly closed. Eventually found a restaurant with a menu of the day that was willing to serve us with 4 minutes until their kitchen closed. Enjoyd fresh bread, fettucine bolognaise, fried fish in a tomato and pepper sauce and flan for dessert, plus a bottle of excellent local wine for 10 Euro. Total bargain. Then dedicated the next hour to traipsing through the rain to find a supermarket, trudging through the rain back to the campsite only to find that while we were gone, the rain had invaded our tent and all our stuff was distinctly soggy. So, while I'm standing around the laundry waiting for my turn to use the one working (and that just barely) drier so that I can repack my bag for tomorrow's flight to London, here are a few of those running of the bulls photos I mentioned.

behind you!!
runners entering the arena

haha, got your bag

hanging out in Pamplona

at the entrance to the Arena

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