Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adelaide to Europe...its a loooooooong way

Huzzah, finally in Europe! As the more attentive probably noticed, a last minute change meant that I am now doing the majority of the trip solo which primarily means that as usual, all my photos will be taken like this:

Waiting to depart from Adelaide

orchid Garden at Changi Airport
So enjoy. Had a pretty uneventful 30 something hours of travelling other than the crew asking if there was a doctor on board a few hours out of Singapore which had me convinced we were in a Flying High (Airplane) type situation…I mean there was fish for lunch so surely it was possibly. Cudos to Singapore for having the only airport I’ve ever been in for more than 4 hours without going mad from boredom. In fact by my third loop of the terminals I think I had seen all the orchid, fern, cactus and butterfly gardens; created a fantasy wish list of handbags to buy when I strike it rich and started composing a petition to the Dunkin Donuts people to puh-lease open up a few branches in Adelaide. Also walked further than I usually do in a week and enjoyed a free foot massage though I was a little concerned by the warning sign on the massage chair. I think they confused foot massage with bunjy jumping…
Don’t remember anything of the Munich airport other than the fact it was raining and there was free coffee….I had a lot of free coffee.  I do recall seeing a chick scooting around the airport in a cocktail dress and stillettos on a hot pink scooter but to be honest, there’s a good chance I was hallucinating by that point.
And now in beautiful sunny Barcelona trying to keep the evil jetlag zombie at bay. Wish me luck :P

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