Sunday, June 12, 2011

Counting down....

Well with only 3 1/2 weeks until departure, I'm starting to get organised for my next adventure. For those that don't know, from July 7-Aug 17 I will be travelling around Europe with my travel buddy Sarah, trying to cram as much as we can into just over 5 weeks (and desperately hoping not to become hopelessly lost in the European rail networks along the way).

Our vague itinerary will be Barcelona, Pamplona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Naples, Nice and finishing in Madrid with a fun filled week at Pueblo Ingles and an 8 hour stopover in Hong Kong (cue Bev happy dance) on the way home. We're going to be travelling mostly by Eurail but with an occasional flight along the way and I'll keep you all updated about our adventures as we go so watch this space...but probably not for the next few weeks unless you're particularly interested in daily updates of what I've included on my list of things to pack (anyone wanting a copy of said list, probably needs a more exciting hobby )

Talk to y'all in a couple weeks :D